25 October 2009


After my last blog, I've been obsessing over finding female superhero toys.  Really, obsession might be an understatement.  I know nothing about superheroes- I was much more of a barbie and princess girl as a child.  Well, aside from the pink power ranger... I didn't really get into kickass female leads until I was an almost teen (tween?) and discovered Buffy. 

What I've found, so far, has been less than exciting.  Wonderwoman is still around- and perhaps the strongest character.  I found out about Power Girl, and her breasts that, in most animations, tend to scream breast reduction and pain.  Although this action figure version of her isn't half bad.  I've also learned that, despite the name, x-men have the most varied and unique cast of women leads.  Although, honestly?  I haven't read much on their backstory.  Maybe I'll have to invest in comic books- purely for educational purposes, of course.

I've also learned that people tend to pose the characters in submissive and disempowering poses .  This illustration, for example, portrays two super heroes on their knees, with hands behind them, smiling.  Really- could you imagine Batman or Superman being posed like this?  What is so threatening about a superheroine that we must strip away as much of her power as possible? 

Hopefully, this generation of girls, growing up with the likes of Word Girl and Dora the Explorer will more readily embrace superheroines as reflections of their own selves, rather than leaving it to the guys.

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  1. Holy mastitis, Power Girl!

    At least her thighs look pretty powerful.


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