29 May 2010

Loaded Statement of the Year

I was browsing mothering.com, and found this doozy of a statement

"On the issues of vaccinations we believe in informed consent. This means we look at both sides of the vaccine issue. However, one of our objectives, and for which members and guests come to our forum, is to bring to light the information that is not mainstream and readily available. Though Mothering does not take a pro or anti stand on vaccinations, we will not host threads on the merits of mandatory vaccine, or a purely pro vaccination view point as this is not conducive to the learning process."


They are free, really, to promote whatever crackpot theory ideology they wish.  And, really, if they want to delete all posts related to the benefits of vaccination or herd immunity or whatnot, feel free.  But at least have the balls to admit a bias.

I don't blame parents for being scared.  I blame institutions who pretend not to hear any information contrary to their beliefs.  What is happening on mothering.com's vaccine forums isn't education.  It is indoctrination.

1 comment:

  1. Huh. MDC sucks all around. I am totally anti-vaccine, for my kids with the science as I understand it, and don't hide it. But I also 100% understand that science supports both sides and I don't in any way object to vaccines. MDC has lost a lot of itself, especially when they started supporting RIC.


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